East Stone Gap Baptist Church has existed in this community for more than a hundred  years.  Founded in 1896, the church began in the home of a local family who had a vision for a Baptist church in their community.

The original church sat just a 100 yards away from its present location, and was used for more than 70 years.  In 1970 the church constructed a new building and it as been our home ever since.    

If asked who we are, the word family could easily describe our church. We are a family of believers who exist with a common purpose in mind.  We are believers working together to further the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and to serve those around us.  

We are members of the Southern Baptist Convention and the Southern Baptist Conservatives of Virginia.   These partnerships allow us to share in Kingdom building work all around this world.

We invite you to come and worship with us.  Come and see if our fellowship can be a home for your heart, a home for you and your family.  

Our History